Unlimited tennis per household – only £30 per year!
And a choice of 17 tennis courts in the Bournemouth area...
Shelley Park (3 courts), Swanmore Gardens (8 courts), Winton Recreation Ground (6 courts)
In partnership with:
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Tennis in the Park Courts Scheme
Purpose of the Scheme:
To encourage more people to play tennis by providing quality facilities at an affordable price.
The Fob System:
Once you have paid £30 for the year you will be sent a key fob to gain access to the courts. You will then be able to play on the courts as many times as you want provided they are not in use by others.
Membership Cost:
£30 for 1 year per household.
The Booking System:
When you join the scheme you will be able to book the courts
7 days a week 365 days a year free of charge. This can be done via the website using the link above, or by phone on
01202 519455.
Tennis Courts included in your Membership:
Shelley Park Tennis Courts map
3 tennis courts in Boscombe.
Location: On the corner of Beechwood Avenue and Grovely Avenue, Boscombe BH5 1LX.
Swanmore Gardens Tennis Courts map
8 tennis courts in Boscombe East.
Location: Swanmore Road, Bournemouth BH7 6PD
Winton Tennis Courts map
6 tennis courts in Winton, including 4 floodlit courts. Tokens for the flood lights can be bought from The West Hants Club and
will cost £2 per token for 1 hour (or 10 tokens for £18)
Location: Winton Recreation Ground, Fitzharris Avenue,
Bournemouth BH9 1BX
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I become a member of Tennis in the Park?
Simply download the application form using the link above, fill it in and send with your payment to The West Hants Club, Roslin Road South, Bournemouth BH3 7EF.
Do I get a fob for each person in the household?
No. You only have one fob per household. If you want more then you must pay an extra £30 per fob (limited to 2 per household).
How do I book courts?
To book courts click on the link above or phone The West Hants Club on 01202 519455.
How do I cancel courts?
You can cancel either on the website or by phone. Out of courtesy please cancel as soon as you know so others can play.
Am I tied into a contract?
No. You pay £30 for 1 year and if you want to carry on with the use of the courts the following year, you will need to pay again.
What happens if I join half way through the year?
Do I get a reduced fee to pay?
No, there is no reduced fee. From the time we receive your payment, that is when your full year starts.
Once we have joined do we still have to pay court fees?
All courts are free once you have joined.
Can I book two courts in a row?
No. You can book one court and if the next session is free then you can stay on and play. You must vacate the court if it has been booked by another person.
How do I buy tokens for the flood lights at Winton Tennis Courts?
All tokens are sold at The West Hants Club for £2 each or £18 for 10. Please visit between 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am to 7pm Saturday and Sunday. Address: The West Hants Club, Roslin Road South, Bournemouth BH3 7EF. Tel. 01202 519455.
What happens if my fob does not work or I lose it?
The West Hants Club will not accept any responsibility for fobs as we have no idea how they have been treated. All fobs are tested before being sent out. If for any reason you require a replacement fob, you will pay £10.
Where can I go to buy a racket or if my strings break?
The Shop at The West Hants Club is fully stocked with rackets, clothing, footwear and balls. We also provide a racket stringing service with expert professional advice.
What happens if I have booked a court and I turn up and there is another person playing on the court?
The West Hants Club take no responsibility for any disputes that might occur at the facility. However it would be wise to take along a printout of your booking in case this happens. If a dispute occurs please contact us on 01202 519455. The name which appears on our booking sheet will take precedence.
To see the full Terms & Conditions click here
To download an Application Form in pdf format click here
Existing members click here to book a court
Tennis Coaching
  Group coaching is available at Swanmore Gardens and Winton Recreation Ground.
All sessions are taken by a fully licensed LTA qualified DCA coach.
The Coaching Programme is
co-ordinated by
Matt Cole
To ensure quality group coaching, places will be limited so book online to secure your place.
Mini Red 5-8 years
Red ball is a great way for players to start out in tennis and is for players aged 8 and under. It is played on smaller courts with shorter rackets and softer balls. It’s just like the real game and gives players opportunities to have long rallies and play different types of shots.
Mini Orange 8-9 years
Mini Tennis Orange / Green is for players aged from 8 - 10 years. It is a great way for players to continue their progress from Red through developing all the shots required to play the full game and providing fun competition.
Green / Juniors 9 - 10+ years
The Junior session is for young players who would like to improve their game but to also meet other young players and enjoy some friendly games and competition.
Rusty Rackets
This session is designed for those who have played tennis before and are looking to get back into
the game and dust off the cobwebs.
Mixed Morning
The Mixed Morning session is a one and a half hour session aimed at those who are looking to improve their singles and doubles games, through specific tactical practices and a chance to try what you have learnt in some doubles and single matches to finish.
Adult Beginners
The Adult Beginner session is aimed at those who have played very little or no tennis but are keen to learn and develop their technical and tactical ability through drills and structured practices.
Adult Improvers
The Adult Improvers is for those able to perform the basic strokes, including forehand, backhand, volley and serve, and who are ready to improve further elements of their game.
Adult +
The Adult + session is for those who are of a competent and more competitive standard and have worked on improving there game. The coach will help to advise if this is the session for you.
Adult Mixed
The Adult Mixed is a session for all abilities and is a chance for everyone to play together and meet new adults. You must be over 18 years of age.
Get fit the fun way with this exciting group cardio workout. No tennis skills required (although you’ll pick some up along the way).
Tennis Express
The aim is to get people playing the game of tennis within six weeks using low compression balls, keeping scoring simple and introducing simple technical teaching as appropriate.
Click here for the latest Group Coaching Programme
Individual coaching is available across the park sights Monday to Sunday.
For further information about individual and group coaching please contact:
Matt Cole at Winton Recreation Ground – 07920 406512
Emma Everington at Swanmore Gardens – 07857 357364
or email: tenniscoachinginthepark@hotmail.com
Tennis in the Park is organised by The West Hants Club in partnership with
The West Hants Club, Roslin Road South, Bournemouth BH3 7EF
Telephone 01202 519455